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                                              ACCURACY IMPROVEMENT OF MEASURING TOOLS                                                   OF ELECTRIC POWER QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM OF A LAUNCH FACILITY


Dmitrienko Aleksey Gennadievich, Candidate of engineering sciences, director general of Research institute of physical measurements (Penza),
Mikheev Mikhail Yuryevich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor head of sub-department of information technologies and systems, Penza State Technological Academy,
Yurmanov Valery Anatolyevich, Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor, sub-department of information technologies and systems, Penza State Technological Academy,
Piskaev Kirill Yurievich, Senior lecturer, sub-department of information technologies and systems, Penza State Technological Academy, 

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Intellectual systems of electroenergy quality control at launching plants require to apply precision instruments. The article analyzes several approaches to increase the accuracy of an analog-digital converter of sigma-delta architecture, as well as considers the approaches, suggested by authors, to increase the accuracy of the given analog-digital converter in precision instruments used at ground based complexes and on-board equipment. 

Key words

means of electroenergy quality control, sigma-delta ADC, ADC accuracy increase, adaptive data processing, mathematical model. 

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